The Great Escape


Sadly, during the festive season, council rangers collect many lost dogs and cats from city streets in the days following Christmas and New Year’s Eve celebrations.


However, by applying a few simple measures, you will help reduce the chance of your dog or cat finding themselves in a local pound or shelter, ensuring a joyful festive season for you and your pets.


Dogs tend to escape from yards over the Christmas and New Year period due to:

  • Changes in their normal routine
  • Noisy parties & unfamiliar sounds
  • Fireworks
  • Boredom from being alone
  • Poor boundary fencing


If you plan to go away, make sure you arrange accommodation for your pet, or use a professional pet minding service, friend, neighbour, or family member to take care of them.


Make sure that your pet is micro-chipped and registered. If your pet becomes lost, it has a much greater chance of being returned to you.


Firecrackers are a huge concern.  Most dogs are absolutely terrified of the loud explosions.  These dogs will run as far away from the noise as possible, even if that means escaping their own yard.


Warning:A large terrified dog will escape between the spears and loops of an open Colorbond fence!

Dial A Minder Pet & Home Care encourages you to take a few extra precautions during these times to ensure your dog remains secure in its own backyard.


  • Check for digging along the perimeters of fence lines and block off or fill in any holes or points of escape.
  • Repair any loose fence palings and panels.
  • Lock all gates securely.
  • Temporarily block spear & loop Colorbond fences with lattice or chicken wire.
  • Provide a safe haven for your pet to escape the noise.  Add a favorite toy, and even an old jumper as an added comforter.