With an increasing interest in alternative pets, it is unfortunate that many of these pets carry germs that can make people sick.  The most common of these pathogens is salmonella.


There are some common sense precautions that you should take to prevent this from happening.  Listed below are the guidelines to minimise your risk of infection:


  • Children ages 5 and under, as well as individuals with compromised immune systems have higher risks than others. They should avoid contact with reptiles and any items that have been in contact with reptiles.
  • A family expecting a baby should remove reptiles and amphibians from the home before the baby arrives.
  • Always wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap after any contact with reptiles, their cages, water bowls, etc.
  • Do not allow reptiles or amphibians free access to a home or living areas.
  • Kitchen sinks should never be used to wash reptile cages, dishes or aquariums. In fact, it is recommended that reptiles and amphibians never be allowed in kitchen or food preparation areas.
  • If you use a bathroom sink or bathtub to wash reptiles or their accessory items, disinfect all surfaces with bleach.
  • Food and drink should never be allowed in reptile areas to avoid contamination with salmonella.