Our ‘Daily Visit’ Includes feeding all your pets, and providing them with fresh clean water.  We also clean and/or replace kitty litter as required by you, along with poop scooping the rear yard. Cleaning cages and enclosures is also carried out on longer visits.

Sheltie sleeping with her ownerIf your pets are outside during the summer we ask that you leave extra containers of water out in different locations, as dogs may tip one over in order to keep cool.  Please refer to the article on Surviving The Dog Days Of Summer on this website for more information.


During our ‘Daily Visit’ we spend time with your pets, providing the much needed love and affection they miss while you are absent from your property.

Whether it is just patting and cuddling them, playing with their favourite toy, or throwing a ball in the yard, you can be assured your pets will greatly benefit from our companionship, and appreciate the time spent with them.

We collect the mail (including junk mail and newspapers) from the front yard for you, and place the rubbish bins in / out on collection days.


We can also randomly adjust blinds and curtains for you; switch on and off lights, TV’s, Radios, etc


If time permits, we will also water a few pot plants if required.  Please be aware that garden beds will require additional time to water when factoring in costs.


When we arrive at your property, we can either display corporate signage on our vehicle and crew, or come completely covertly.  Dial A Minder Pet And Home Care will give you the option to choose whichever you prefer.  We have found that vehicle signage can ease worried neighbours.  We also respect some people have need for privacy, or do not wish anybody to know they are absent from their property.


For additional information on pet proofing your home and preparation for daily visits, please read the article on How to be a Better Client on this website for more information.